You can also always try to reset.

1 Unscrew two cross recessed pan head bolt 13.

"Incorrect Pin Code - Air&179; and Advance". .

Just helped somone fix this take top lcd plate off and control panel disconnect brake wire.

Prohibited riding surfaces (uneven, too steep, unsafe, etc.

comyltAwrE. Pure Electric manuals. bexjch3XkkpF4.


search. Then, once the charger is plugged into the hoverboard, the charger light will turn red. Reboot Method 1.

WARNINGAs with all mechanical components, the Hover-1 HIGHLANDER is. First of all, we advise you to perform the solution with the controllers of your Pure-Air-Go scooter.



Try error searching to find out which electrical. I contacted the company but of course its past its warranty date.

On the other hand, it may happen that this does not solve the. .

Replace the fuse and switch on the electric scooter.
enter the PIN code 000000 and confirm the entry.
11 Faulty comms between controller and LCD.



. Release the throttles. bePVidj7NRfVA E-002 to 007 httpsyoutu.

search. Error codes can often occur for many reasons Some require simple fixes to get you back up and running and some can require more complex work that requires a trained technician. Feb 26, 2022 E-001 httpsyoutu. The speed is limited to 3. When i turn it on, it keeps saying E040, what can i do It was a problem with the motor i still had garantie so it was 0 to let it get fixed. Thereafter, you can click at the same time on the brake, the accelerator and the onoff button.


. But it works again.



So you will have to cut your electric scooter.


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